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290 Unquenchable Light

“You, O Lord, keep my lamp burning…” (Psalm 18:28a). So I do not have to fear it will ever be extinguished? That’s right; trust Me and rest in Me. Enjoy each day without guilt or pressure to perform certain religious activities. I value only those who come to Me out of love and a desire […]

A Polished Pot

“We have been made holy through the sacrifice of the body of Jesus Christ once for all” (Hebrews 10:10). You are clean in My sight. I see you as a beautiful vessel, glazed, shiny. You bring joy to My heart. Your sins do not mar your beauty. They glance off the surface of your life. […]

288 God’s Ways are not Our Ways

“The Lord was seeking an occasion to confront the Philistines, for at that time they were ruling over Israel” (Judges 14:4). Dear Lord, I suppose the lessons I was taught about Samson through the years have given me a bad opinion of him. And Hollywood didn’t help! But this verse puts a different slant on […]

287 Isn’t This Disobedience?

  “(Samson’s) parents did not know that this was from the Lord” (Judges 14:4). This sort of story in Scripture leaves me wondering just how we can recognise and co-operate with Your ways, Lord. Samson, a man set apart for Your service before his birth, was about to break laws You had laid down for […]

286 An Anonymous Woman

“The angel of the Lord appeared to her and said, ‘You are sterile and childless, but you are going to conceive and have a son’” (Judges 13:3). You are full of surprises, Lord. You decided to deliver the Israelites from the consequences of their folly so you organised the birth of Samson. Out of the […]

285 Wisdom

“Now the Ephraimites asked Gideon, ‘Why have you treated us like this? Why didn’t you call us when you went to fight Midian?’ And they criticised him sharply” (Judges 8:1). “The men of Ephraim … said to Jephthah, ‘Why did you go to fight the Ammonites without calling us to go with you? We’re going […]

284 Fallen Heroes

“Gideon made the gold into an ephod which he placed in Ophrah, his town. All Israel prostituted themselves by worshipping it there, and it became a snare to Gideon and his family” (Judges 8:27). What is it about success that makes us so vulnerable to sin, Father? Through all the battles of life we have […]

283 Understanding Insecurity

Gideon is one of my favourite characters in the Scriptures (Judges 6-8). Though we have so few details of his life, most of what we do know shows him to be humble, very respectful of You and willing to be obedient, at least in most of his life. Perhaps I resonate with him because all […]

282 Beware How You Read

“When the angel of the Lord appeared to Gideon, he said, ‘The Lord is with you, mighty warrior’. ‘But Sir’, Gideon replied, ‘if the Lord is with us, why has all this happened to us’?” (Judges 6:12,13) Isn’t it strange! A prophet had just been sent to Israel to tell them why You had allowed […]

281 Motivation for Service

To be a prophet or someone called and empowered by You for ministry is not an easy road, is it, Lord? Samuel was loved by some (1 Sam 2:26) but he was also feared (16:4). His family did not stay true to You (8:3), he carried a load of grief (16:1) and he was rejected […]

280 Open Your Eyes

“(Simeon) was a righteous man, he was devout, he waited eagerly for God to comfort Israel” (Luke 2:25). I wondered how Simeon could wait so eagerly for something that his people had looked for for hundreds of years, but I see he had been given special knowledge. He had been told that he would not […]

279 Light Casts a Shadow

Light Casts a Shadow “When Herod realised that he had been outwitted by the Magi, he was furious, and gave orders to kill all the boys in Bethlehem and its vicinity who were two years old and under” (Matthew 2:16). When Jesus was old enough to understand what had happened here in Bethlehem, how did […]

278 What’s that Bright Light?

  “The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned” (Isaiah 9:2). What a picture of contrasts. Walking in darkness with all its dangers, uncertainties, lack of direction and helplessness. Living in the shadow of death: pain, grief, distress, […]

277 God of the Smallest Detail

“This will be a sign to you: You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger” (Luke 2:12). Lord, you make me laugh! You’re so amazing. First You move the entire Roman world around just to get Mary in the right place at the right time to fulfil Your word concerning […]

276 Never Deserted

“Then the angel left her” (Luke 1:28). Just like that! Blinding light, a majestic glorious archangel, an announcement that shook Mary to the depth of her soul and then – nothing! Everything is suddenly normal again. No visible sign that what he had said was true. A young girl left with this momentous secret, the […]

275 Did You Get It, Nicodemus?

“Just as Moses lifted up the snake in the desert, so the son of Man must be lifted up, that everyone who believes in Him may have eternal life” (John 3:14,15). Some people love snakes, but for most they are repulsive. It is not only their venom, but their cold bloodedness that sends shivers down […]

274 David’s Test

“The king ordered the guards at his side: Turn and kill the priests of the Lord, because they too have sided with David” (1 Samuel 22:17). How confused David must have felt in his years of fleeing from Saul. Not only did the Lord’s promise to make him king seem remote, but he had unwittingly […]

273 Love is a Light Shade

“You are the light of the world” (Matthew 5:14). I was thinking about light, Father. It brings a lot of joy, doesn’t it? Seeing the lights of our destination on a dark night is such a relief. And we use lights to celebrate happy occasions, even the birth of Your Son. You are the source […]

272 Pass the Salt

“You are the salt of the earth” (Matthew 5:13). Salt has a bad name these days Lord, but I don’t see how anything Jesus called good (9:50) can be anything but good. The name seems to come from the Latin word meaning salary. Who doesn’t like getting their salary! Salt is good; it is essential […]

271 Blessed Photograph

It has just struck me that what we have in the Beatitudes (Matthew 5:3-10) is a portrait of Jesus. These eight verses encapsulate His character and ministry. He seems to be sharing with us what He has discovered in His earthly life in dependence on You, Father. It brings it all down to the realm […]

270 No Appetite

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled” (Matthew 5:6). When I come to You hungry, You feed my spirit so wonderfully from Your Word, Father. I am indeed filled. But sometimes I am not hungry. It is a chore to spend time with You, a chore I often […]

269 The Beatitudes

“Blessed are…” (Matthew 5:3-10). I’ve never thought about this before, Lord. Each one of these blessings is followed by instructions on how to get them. I have to do something to have the deeply satisfying life You have provided and want to give me. But I am struggling with most of these requirements. I’m often […]

268 Cutting the Apron Strings

  “(Jesus) saw two other brothers, James son of Zebedee and his brother John … Jesus called them, and immediately they left the boat and their father and followed Him” (Matthew 4:21,22). “… and their father.” This is such a heartache for many You call to follow You, Lord. Parents who do not understand the […]

267 Invisible Support

“Then the devil left Him, and angels came and attended to Him” (Matthew 3:11). We will never know in this life what these angels did to restore the weakened Jesus, but what joy they must have felt at the privilege given them to minister to their Lord in this way. I see their tenderness, their […]

266 Who Said That?

Who Said That? “The tempter came to (Jesus) and said, If you are the Son of God, tell these stones to become bread” (Matthew 4:3). Father, I do not know if Jesus physically saw or heard this evil creature or whether, as often happens to us, the tempting thought came into His mind. And when […]

265 Threshing Time

“(The Messiah’s) winnowing fork is in His hand, and He will clear His threshing floor, gathering the wheat into His barn and burning up the chaff with unquenchable fire” (Matthew 3:12). The idea of threshing and winnowing is frightening, Lord. It sounds such a painful process. Did You not create the grain, the husk, the […]

264 Softening Hearts

“I tell you, that out of these stones God can raise up children for Abraham” (Matthew 3:8). I know a lot of people who have hearts of stone, Lord. Surely You can do the same for them? I understand the complication of freewill. You will never force anyone, and at the moment, to come into […]

263 Walking in Faith

“In those days John the Baptist came preaching in the Desert of Judea” (Matthew 3:1). When I look at the story of John the Baptist he seems to have had a big advantage over us in knowing Your will and what You would do with his life. He would have known about his miraculous birth […]

262 Stale Bread

“Why spend money on what is not bread, and your labour on what does not satisfy? Listen, listen to Me and eat what is good, and your soul will delight in the richest of fare” (Isaiah 55:2). As the manna came down each day to feed My people in the wilderness (Exodus 16:4), so is […]

261 Don’t Forget the Shoes

Walking in Paul’s shoes through the Book of Acts, I see the trail of chaos he left behind him in almost every place he visited. Doesn’t Your Word speak of us walking in the gospel of peace, Lord (Ephesians 6:15)? True heart peace is found in a relationship with Me. This has only ever been […]

260 Dry Ground

“(Stephen) replied to (the Sanhedrin) …” (Acts 7:2). “Then Peter began to speak (to Cornelius and his household …” (Acts 10:34). What a difference in these two “sermons”. Stephen launched into a detailed account of Your dealings with his people. While it was appropriate for his audience, they already knew the Scriptures better than he […]

259 Noise! Noise! Noise!

“(The Sanhedrin) began yelling at the top of their voices so that they wouldn’t have to hear (Stephen)” (Acts 7:57 CJB). Is this what is happening today, Lord? The clamour of modern society; the constant music in the ears and talking on mobile phones which make it impossible to speak to anyone on public transport […]

258 Laser Proof Armour

“Peter said to (Saphhira), How could you agree to test the Spirit of the Lord? Look! The feet of the men who buried your husband are at the door, and they will carry you out also. At that moment she fell down at his feet dead” (Acts 5:9,10). Holiness! Your holiness is a frightening thing, […]

257 Something to Sing About

“He chose us … so that we would bring Him praise commensurate with the glory of the grace He gave us” (Ephesians 1:4,6, CJB). “We were given an inheritance … so that we … would bring Him praise commensurate with His glory: (vv 11, 12). “(We) were sealed by Him with the promised Holy Spirit […]

256 A Special Perfume

“Thanks be to God who … through us spreads everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of Him” (2 Corinthians 2:14). When I read this, Lord, such longing rises in my heart. I want so much to be like this. Knowing myself I can’t ever see it in my life. Did Paul see it in his? […]

255 Run Me a Hot Bath

“(My disciples) are not of the world, even as I am not of it” (John 17:16). This is my problem, Lord. Perhaps I have made wrong choices in life but it has turned out that I have mainly remained in Christian circles and that’s where most of my friends are too. So it is like […]

254 Healed, but I Still Hurt

“…we speak, not in words taught by human wisdom but in words taught by the Spirit, expressing spiritual truths in spiritual words” (1 Corinthians 2:13). I understand the context of these words, Father, but when I read them healing came to mind because of a recent conversation I had. This verse seems to say we […]

253 Knowledge Tempered by Love

  “Everything that does not come from faith is sin” (Romans 14:23). If I ever have trouble remembering I am a sinner, this verse leaves me in no doubt. My inclination of seeing everything that could possibly go wrong puts me up there with the chief of sinners (1 Timothy 1:15). Worry, doubt and fear […]

252 God’s Trademark

“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good” (Romans 12:21). Why is it that good doesn’t seem as strong as evil to me? When I read this verse it is hard for me to grasp that it can actually happen. Evil is so big in my eyes. It is advancing, progressing, overtaking […]

251 I’m Not Jesus!

“If you obey My commands, you will remain in My love, just as I have obeyed My Father’s commands and remain in His love” (John 15:10). Father, what is Jesus saying here? Did He mean He could disobey You and get out of Your will? How could He make a decision that varies from Yours? […]

250 Will I Ever Learn?

“The fear of the Lord leads to life: then one rests content, untouched by trouble” (Proverbs 19:23). You keep doing this to me, Lord, reminding me that You are in control of all things and Your plan is for me to trust You. To rest, and not get agitated about unjust or frightening situations. It […]

249 An Impossible Task

“All a man’s ways are pure in his own view, but the Lord weighs the spirit” (Proverbs 16:2,CJB).   How precious is that! I seem to live on the level of the soul. I examine my feelings, my thoughts and reactions, and judge myself by that. But You see my spirit and I know who […]

248 An Alien Visitation

“Therefore, when Christ came into the world, He said, Sacrifice and offering You did not desire, but a body You prepared for Me” (Hebrews 10:5). How totally alien life in this world must have been to You, Jesus. Every physical experience was new to You. You had never felt tired. You had never been hungry. […]

247 Not Guilty!

“A person is responsible to prepare his heart, but how the tongue speaks is from the Lord” (Proverbs 16:1, CJB). Is that so, Lord? I don’t have to feel guilty when I haven’t witnessed to someone, even when I’ve spent a whole day with them? You know how I hear so many wonderful stories from […]

246 What does Solomon know?

“In the way of righteousness is life, and in the pathway thereof, there is no death” (Proverbs 12:28, AV). As with many of the proverbs of Solomon, I can’t really see that these words are always true. Bad things, evil things, happen to all, not just the wicked. Was Solomon, in his sheltered position of […]

245 Light or Darkness?

“The path of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn, shining ever brighter till the full light of day” (Proverbs 4:18). It seems this is what is happening to me. There is advantage in getting older! I can make some sense of my tangled past. You are more real to me. I sense […]

244 My Friend Thomas

“Now Thomas, one of the twelve, was not with the disciples when Jesus came” (John 20:24). I suddenly had a mental flashback as I read these words, Father. I remembered the years when I was “not there” when everyone else was getting blessed. People were having wonderful experiences with You, but it didn’t happen to […]

243 Open Your Mouth!

“I did not speak of My own accord, but the Father who sent Me commanded Me what to say and how to say it” (John 12:49). If something like this can be called a gift, this is the gift I most desire. I’m not into the more spectacular gifts, as You know, Father. I don’t […]

242 Answers to Prayer

“Now My heart is troubled, and what can I say? ‘Father, save Me from this hour’? No, it was for this reason I came to this hour. ‘Father, glorify Your name!’ Then a voice came from heaven, ‘I have glorified it and will glorify it again’” (John 12:27,28). This prayer of Jesus’ has changed my […]

241 A Speechless Witness

“The chief priests made plans to kill Lazarus as well, for on account of him may of the Jews were going over to Jesus and putting their faith in Him” (John 12:10,11). This is interesting. Not one word that Lazarus ever spoke is recorded in Scripture yet what You had done in his life (John […]

240 When a Gift is not a Gift

  “(In Bethany) a dinner was given in Jesus’ honour. Martha served. Then Mary took a pint of pure nard … she poured it on Jesus’ feet and wiped His feet with her hair” (John 12:2,3). Here is Martha in the same role as when Jesus had said Mary has chosen the better way (Luke […]

239 A Canine Comparison

“I am the Good Shepherd, I know My sheep and My sheep know Me – just as the Father knows Me and I know the Father” (John 10:14-15). I know You as You know Your Father? I feel as if I have only a nodding acquaintance with You compared with Your knowledge of Him. Is […]

A Good Place to Be

“I am the gate (for the sheep), whoever enters through Me will be saved. He will come in and go out, and find pasture” (John 10:9). Lord, I don’t understand about You being the gate and the sheep going in and out. Of course it is only an illustration but You do not say anything […]

237 Looking After the Sheep

“When (the shepherd) has brought out all his own (sheep), he goes on ahead of them and his sheep follow him because they know his voice” (John 10:4). Any sheep farmer today would question this practice. In the days when You spoke, shepherds were much more familiar with their sheep. They were more like pets […]

236 I Need a Hearing Check

“No one seized (Jesus), because His time had not yet come” (John 8:20). Absolutely indestructible! No one could touch Your Son till the time was right to fulfil Your purposes. What freedom there is in that! We get so self protective. Our life may not be in danger but we fear for our health, our […]

235 What Was That You Said?

“After His brothers had left for the Feast, He went also, not publicly, but in secret” (John 7:10). I know it isn’t, but this looks like deceit. First Jesus told His brothers He was not going with them to Jerusalem for Sukkot, then He secretly went there. If it were me, I would fear such […]

234 Not Just Walls and a Roof

“So (Jesus) made a whip out of cords, and drove (the merchants) from the temple area” (John 2:15, CJB). I’m amazed at Jesus’ violent reaction here, Lord. He had visited this place year by year for at least two decades. He had seen the corruption before. He knew that Your Spirit, which inhabited Solomon’s temple, […]

233 Easy Street

“The next day John was there again with two of his disciples. When he saw Jesus passing by, he said, Look the Lamb of God! When the two disciples heard him say this, they followed Jesus” (John 1:36,37). Something of the joy You must have felt when this happened has surged through my heart, Jesus. […]

232 Baa! Baa!

“Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world” (John 1:29). I think the picture of Your Son as a lamb is strange. I know He is the fulfilment of the sacrificial lambs at Passover whose blood saved the people. But You could have used any animal in this way. Why […]

231 That’s My Family

“No one has ever seen God; but the only and unique Son, who is identical with God and is at the Father’s side – He has made Him known” (John 1:18). To be able to know You, the all powerful, eternal creator of all things, just by knowing a man, a human being walking on […]

230 Thanks, dear Nanny and Pop

“My covenant with (Levi) was one of life and peace” (Malachi 2:5). This is strange, Lord. Did Jacob make a mistake when he cursed their forefather Levi on his deathbed (Genesis 49:5-7)? Jacob’s words were true. This tribe started with a bad heritage. But no one is condemned for their fathers’ sins (Ezekiel 18:20). Levi […]

229 Do You Know What You are Saying, Micah?

“I will endure the rage of the Lord God because I sinned against Him; until He pleads my cause and judges in my favour” (Micah 7:9). The Lord revealed so much to you, Micah. It isn’t surprising that you knew that you had sinned, and this incurred God’s wrath. The whole of human history up […]

228 It’s Dark Here, Lord

“Though I live in the dark, the Lord God is my light” (Micah 7:8, CJB). Micah, Micah, what an amazing man you were. Called by your God to announce some of the severest judgments against your brethren for the evil of their ways, but also to pronounce a glorious future for Israel and peace for […]

227 Intimacy v. Knowledge

“Of all the families on earth, only you (Israel) have I intimately known” (Amos 3:2 JB). That’s a strange statement, Father. You are omniscient, knowing all things. Surely You know the smallest detail about everyone on earth, everyone who has ever lived. Intimacy is a special kind of knowing. It is more than head knowledge. […]

226 A Crooked Road

“The ways of the Lord are straight, and the righteous walk in them, but in them sinners stumble” (Hosea 14:10, CJB). Why would anyone stumble on a straight road? One would think curves, detours and side tracks would be more dangerous. It all depends where they are trying to go. The one who takes the […]

225 Amazing Love

Oh, the tenderness of Your love for Your ancient people revealed in Hosea chapter 11 (JB). “When Israel was a child, I loved him” (v1); “But they did not know that it was I who was healing them, who was guiding them on through human means with reins made of love … I bent down […]

224 Gardening God-style

“(My Father) cuts off every branch in Me which bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit He trims clean so that it will be even more fruitful” (John 15:2). I don’t know anything about vines, but I can’t understand how any branch attached to a living vine could fail to bear fruit. […]

223 Who is in Charge Here?

“Now is the time for judgment on this world; now the prince of this world will be driven out” (John 12:31). Just a minute! What is Jesus saying here? It seems pretty obvious to me that Satan is still around even today. Don’t you see the shift in the spiritual world at the time Messiah […]

222 Who Said That?

“(The shepherd) goes on ahead of them, and his sheep follow him because they know his voice” (John 10:4). Voices! So many voices we hear in this day of communication explosion. There are dozens of them that we can recognise. Even the inner voices we hear are multiple: the voice of fear, the voice of […]

221 A Miracle or a Full Stomach?

“Jesus answered, I tell you the truth, you are looking for Me, not because you saw miraculous signs but because you ate the loaves and had your fill” (John 6:26). We are always told that we should not seek miracles but Jesus Himself, yet on this occasion He seems to imply that to look for […]

220 Worshipping Other Gods

“You diligently study the Scriptures because you think that by them you possess eternal life. These are the Scriptures that testify about Me, yet you refuse to come to Me to have life” (John 5:39,40). I love Your Word, Lord. How can it fail to lead me to the living Word in whom is life? […]

219 An Imperfect Medium

“(Jesus) made a whip out of cords and drove all from the temple area …His disciples remembered that it is written, Zeal for Your house will consume Me” (John 2:15,17). Reading this, my mind immediately questioned it. This is only a building, only a shadow of Your dwelling place in the heavenlies (Hebrews 8:5). There […]

218 What a Contortion!

“The Word became flesh and lived for a while among us. We have seen His glory …” (John 1:14). There was this Indian man we saw in a circus who twisted himself into incredible contortions and got his whole body into a bottle. It was an unbelievable feat. But it pales into significance at the […]

217 Real Love

“In the beginning was the Word …” (John 1:1). …  and in the end will be the Word, and every moment in between. The concept of such infinity, such absoluteness, such completeness, blows my mind. Mere man, standing against a huge impenetrable wall. So thick, so high, totally immovable. What do we think we can […]

216 A Healthy Tree

“No good tree bears bad fruit, nor does a bad tree bear good fruit” (Luke 6:43). So bad fruit must mean there is something wrong with the tree. When I produce bad fruit, as I do, then there is something wrong with me. Yet that is what I am, I can’t be different, Your word […]

215 Woe is Me!

“Woe to you who are rich … who are well fed … who laugh … when all men speak well of you” (Luke 6:24-26). Father I don’t understand this. These woes seem so unconditional. Is it always wrong to be rich, happy, well fed and popular? We usually understand the beatitudes in a spiritual sense. […]

214 A Free Loan

“If you lend to those from whom you expect repayment, what credit is that to you? … lend to them without expecting to get anything back” (Luke 6:34,35). I have to be honest, I have trouble with the concept of giving and lending without expecting a return. The teaching I have received is more conditional […]

213 WWJD!

“Some of the Pharisees asked, Why are you doing what is unlawful on the Sabbath?” (Luke 6:2). This is what I find difficult, Father: when Scripture dictates something but compassion contradicts it. Next to loving Me, to love your neighbour is the greatest commandment. Do for them what you would have them do for you […]

212 Handiwork

“Then (Solomon) said, Praise be to the Lord, the God of Israel, who with His hands has fulfilled what He promised with His mouth to my father David” (2 Chronicles 6:4). How was it that Solomon could say You built his temple, Lord? I gave the skills, the gifts to My people, to bless the […]

211 Great Great Grandchildren

“All the officers and mighty men, as well as all of King David’s sons, pledged their submission to King Solomon” (1 Chronicles 29:24). This seems amazing, given the tumultuous history of ancient Israel. All of King David’s sons submitted to Solomon. Was Absalom the only rebellious one? Was it just because it was Your will […]

210 The Only Dependable Shield

“Araunah said to (King) David, Take (my land)! Let my lord the king do whatever pleases him. Look, I will give the oxen for the burnt offerings, the threshing-sledges for the wood, and the wheat for the grain offering. I will give all this” (1 Chronicles 21:23). The generous heart of Araunah! Surely this was […]

210 Dealing with Caesar

“Jesus said to them, Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s” (Mark 12:17). Judea was under foreign Roman rule, yet Jesus said his countrymen must pay their dues to Rome. There is no hint from Him that the Jews were being unfairly treated and should rebel. Is this a principle […]

208 Talk, Talk, Talk!

“It is God’s will that your doing good will silence the ignorant talk of foolish people” (1 Peter 2:15, CJB). The world is full of ignorant talk. We are bombarded with it through every media outlet and casual conversation. It is hard to believe that just by living a Christ-like life we can silence all […]

207 Questions, Questions!

“(Trials) have come so that your faith … may be proved genuine and may result in praise, glory and honour when Jesus Christ is revealed” (1 Peter 1:7). So the trials that come to me are orchestrated to test my faith in You? That raises a barrage of questions. Is this so for all trials? […]

206 A Very Significant Detail

“(Simon Peter) saw the strips of linen lying there, as well as the burial cloth that had been around Jesus’ head. The cloth was folded up by itself, separate from the linen,” (John 20:7). Dear Jesus, I can hardly believe this. In the triumphant glorious moment of Your bodily resurrection, You stopped to fold up […]

205 A Wake-Up Call

“Then Peter remembered the word Jesus had spoken to him, ‘Before the rooster crows twice you will disown Me three times.’ And he broke down and wept” (Mark 14:72). Peter so often gets bad press over his failure to stand by Jesus on this fateful night. Yet Peter and John were the only two disciples […]

204 The Bitter Cup

“‘Father, if You are willing, take this cup from Me; but not My will, but Yours be done’. An angel from heaven appeared to Him and strengthened Him. And being in an anguish, He prayed more earnestly, and His sweat was like drops of blood falling to the ground” (Luke 22:42-44). Who can enter into […]

203 The Ultimate Passover

“(Jesus) said to (His disciples), I have eagerly desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer” (Luke 22:15). I am reading your heart, Jesus. The chief purpose of your whole earthly life was about to be accomplished. Indeed, the fulfilment of the divine plan in human history since the fall. How the condition […]

202 Attention to Detail

  “(The disciples) brought the donkey and the colt, placed their cloaks on them and Jesus sat on them” (Matthew 21:7). I had never noticed before that two donkeys are mentioned here, perhaps because the other accounts of this incident do not mention it. Bethphage was more than a kilometre away from Jerusalem. The young […]

201 Keeping Your Footing

“Whoever loves his brother lives in the light, and there is nothing in him to make him stumble” (1 John 3:10). Is this why I trip up so often, Father? I understand how it would work. If I loved others with Your sort of love, what could they do to hurt me, and what would […]

200 Backup

“You are those who have stood by Me in My trials” (Luke 22:28). This is my earnest prayer, dear Jesus. That I would stay true to You no matter what the future holds. But perseverance is not my strong point. And suffering? I am the first to reach for some relief when pain strikes. So […]

199 Ouch! That Hurt!

“The stone the builders rejected has become the capstone. Everyone who falls on that stone will be broken to pieces, but he on whom it falls will be crushed” (Luke 20:17,18). I really don’t like either option, Lord. Is there no easier way to connect with You? No, anyone who seeks Me must, sooner or […]

198 Shed the Weight to Get Through the Gate

“If anyone comes to Me and does not hate his father and mother, his wife and children, his brothers and sisters – yes, even his own life – he cannot be My disciple. And anyone who does not carry his cross and follow Me cannot be My disciple” (Luke 14: 26,27). Large crowds were following […]

197 Come to the Party

“I tell you, not one of those men who were invited will get a taste of My banquet” (Luke 14:24). Jesus’ parable of those who would not come to the banquet prepared for them sounds like the busyness of our world, Lord. There are so many things that just have to be done and so […]

196 Me Righteous? I Don’t Think So

“Yeshua … was delivered over to death because of our offences and raised to life in order to make us righteous” (Rom 4:25, JB). I have no trouble understanding that Yeshua died because of my sin, but I am uncertain how His resurrection ensures my righteousness. How does that work, Father? Though My Son took […]

195 Who’s Worrying About Food!

“God did not raise His hand against these leaders of the Israelites; they saw God, and they ate and drank” (Exodus 24:11). Did You provide the food for these leaders? To be up on the mountain with Moses and You would have been an amazing, even terrifying experience. I’m sure they did not think about […]

194 40+ Years

“See, I am sending an Angel ahead of you to guard you along the way and to bring you to the place I have prepared. Pay attention to Him and listen to what He says. Do not rebel against Him; He will not forgive your rebellion, since My name is in Him” (Exodus 23:20,21). You […]

193 Watch Out for the Yeast

“Do not offer the blood of a sacrifice to Me along with anything containing yeast” (Exodus 23:18). Lord, I come to You daily with the blood of Jesus as my offering. But is there the yeast of sin in my life as I come? I rarely repent because I don’t often feel convicted, but You […]

192 From Daughter to Dad

“If he selects her for his son, he must grant her the rights of a daughter” (Exodus 21:9). I have selected you for My Son. You are now My daughter. Loved, cherished, part of  My great family. Having gifts and a role to play to help the family work together. Even to bear children and […]

191 I Give Up. It’s Impossible!

  “If you really keep the royal law found in Scripture, Love your neighbour as yourself, you are doing right” (James 2:8). I can’t seem to do it, Lord. I don’t have time to start with. I scramble to keep my own little world together, nor alone get involved in all those other lives around […]

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